2014 Resolutions Check-Up: February

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Arrows and Acronyms
Arrows and Acronyms…


I bit off way more than I could chew in February. (And perhaps in March too, seeing how this update is being written in the second-half of the month!) Two people felt compelled to remind me that “weekends are for relaxing” on two separate occasions. Uhhhh…

February Goals 2014

Having the monthly goals does make my resolutions seem more concrete, but whether I’ve done them is another story. I did not have more homework X’s complete in February than January – I think the final count was 69 vs. 82. I was hoping that I would “stay active” while I was on vacation, but that only amounted to doing my ab workout once and going on a run once. Throughout the month I had a few days where I stayed at work longer than anticipated, which meant I didn’t have time to squeeze in all the homework at the gym.

Website visits were down, Twitter grew at the same rate (despite the fact that I had more days where I didn’t tweet) and Facebook didn’t grow at all. Though I didn’t blog on my business site at the scheduled times, it still worked out to roughly once every two weeks, which is good. I also posted a recipe here and kept my mileage log up to date. Still need to get better at documenting when people pay though…


Doing Vacation Wrong
I think I’m doing vacation wrong…


I went on a much-needed vacation to Ottawa and Montreal to use up some vacation days and also visit some friends/places I hadn’t seen in a long time. At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do on this vacation, but I really needed to just physically remove myself from my world for a little while. There were a few days where I was just alone in my friend’s apartment getting work done, which was really what I needed as opposed to spending hours at the gym. Not that I didn’t do fun things as well! It was nice catching up with friends, seeing some sights and eating some eats.

Looking Ahead…


As you can see, the calendar looks a little different! Aside from the colour scheme not being the same (I made up the calendar while I was on vacation and forgot to bring my highlighters), I did quit my Chow Down in Cowtown column on Calgary is Awesome. I also tried to give myself a little flexibility in blogging for my business, instead of the hard-and-fast every second Tuesday. Since it’s Nutrition Month, Dietitians of Canada has come out with pre-written tweets that members were encouraged to tweet out, so other than missing a day while I was on vacation, I’m good to go with that goal! ^_^

I don’t expect to be doing more homework X’s this month than even February, so I didn’t make that a goal. I’m admittedly feeling a little blasé about training lately because it’s turning out to be impossible to match me up with an opponent for a fight. So instead of doing the homework as consistently as I should I’ve been trying to find other ways to be active – I ran outside last week when it was 15˚C out and my trainer says he has a new conditioning program this week which will hopefully make things interesting again.

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