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Mixed Kubideh @ House of Kabob

House of Kabob is literally a small brown house on Edmonton Trail. Every time we drive past, B. moans about how long it has been since he has been there, so one evening we finally made a quick turn, parked in the back alley and went in.

We pushed through a few curtains to find ourselves in a simple space decorated with a few Iranian posters and other touches. While the owner is Iranian, a few of his waitstaff are Filipino and a large group celebrating a birthday sat in the corner, bringing liveliness to the space.

The menu includes both traditional Persian appetizers and kebabs, as well as some Greek souvlaki dishes. All of the food is very inexpensive, with nothing more than $20.

B. and I love the Kashk-e-badamjen from Shiraz on Centre St, so we decided to start with the Eggplant Dip ($3.95), which was served with a basket of pita slices.

Eggplant Dip @ House of Kabob

It turns out that the eggplant dip at House of Kabob is Mirza Ghasemi, which contains garlic and tomato instead of onions and whey. The dip was flavourful, but it was served cold, so was definitely different from what we had expected.

For our entrées, B. and I decided to dine “family-style” sharing a Chicken Sultani ($14.95) and Ghormeh Sabzi ($9.95).

Chicken Sultani @ House of Kabob

“Chicken Sultani” sounds like it should be a lush chicken dish, but it’s actually just a chicken breast skewer and a kubideh (spiced ground beef) skewer served with grilled tomatoes and your choice of basmati rice or salad. I was glad we went for the half-salad, half-rice option – can you imagine 2/3 of the plate being all rice or all iceberg lettuce with a couple slices of cucumber and tomato?!?

Ghormeh Sabzi @ House of Kabob

The Ghormeh Sabzi is “the most famous Persian stew”, a mixture of sautéed spinach and herbs, chunks of meat and red beans.

While we were impressed by the portions, especially given the price, the food itself was only OK. We’ve had more tender and flavourful skewers elsewhere, and the stew was very bland and tasted mostly of watery spinach. The service was friendly, though a little slow.

For a filling, inexpensive meal, House of Kabob certainly does the trick, but if you’re looking for good Persian/Iranian food, there are many more options around the city.

House of Kabob
1115 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary AB T2E 0Z2
(403) 277-7151
Open from 11 AM-10 PM daily. Kitchen closes at 9:30 PM. Free parking behind the restaurant.
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