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Mango Shiva

Happy Mother’s Day! Where are you taking your mom to brunch today? For some reason, Mama T associates the word “brunch” with “buffet”, so I’ve taken her to Belgo a couple times now to avoid the hotel buffet crowds (and prices!) Mama T is out of town, so I’ll be celebrating with her in Hong Kong next week, but if you’d like to do something a little less traditional with your mom, give Mango Shiva‘s brunch a try.

I first heard that Mango Shiva, a well-known Indian fusion restaurant on Stephen Ave, was offering brunch during Big Taste Calgary and was intrigued by the fact that alongside traditional brunch items like eggs benny and waffles, they offered fusion dishes like butter chicken and waffles, as well as straight-up Indian dishes like curried chickpeas and masala dosa. Also unlike other Calgary brunch spots, it seems like the crowds haven’t discovered this place… yet.

While catching up briefly over cups of chai, it didn’t take long for Perennial Brunchmate Tiffany and I to decide to go for the unique fusion dishes – the aforementioned Butter Chicken Belgian Waffles for me, and the Lamb Kofta Baked Eggs for T. (both $15)

Lamb Kofta Baked Eggs @ Mango Shiva

Tiffany’s baked eggs were served in a tiny cast iron skillet, surrounded by fresh garlic naan and hash browns. You could see big chunks of lamb in the sauce, which was drizzled with yogurt and mint chutney.

The lamb kofta certainly packed a punch – the meat was tender and the sauce was spicy and full of flavour. However, combined with the eggs, the dish was quite rich and Tiffany was only able to finish half her meal. We both agreed that fresh fruit would’ve made a better side than the hash browns, especially since she was already getting lots of carbs from the naan!

I was super-excited for the butter chicken and waffles. The Southern soul food combination of chicken and waffles has become quite popular in Calgary lately, thanks to the likes of Model Milk, Carino, Anju, Craft and of course, the Waffles & Chix food truck. So, when my waffles arrived, I…

Belgian Waffles @ Mango Shiva

…was a little taken aback that I just received just the waffles ($9) but this was quickly corrected by our server and we got to keep the sweet waffles to boot – that’s a lot of waffles!

Butter Chicken & Waffles @ Mango Shiva

The butter chicken was rich, creamy and tomato-y, with just a tiny touch of heat. While it was good, to me it wasn’t as satisfying of a pairing with the waffles as crispy, fried chicken would’ve been! I was actually more impressed with the toppings for the regular Belgian waffles; I loved the colours from the berry compote and the pistachios. The nutmeg whipped cream was fluffy and light with just a hint of the warm spice.

I’d hoped that the waffles themselves would be thick, soft and fluffy, but they were on the thinner side and a little crispy.

All in all, the brunch at Mango Shiva was an enjoyable experience. The food was unique and the service was friendly and professional. It’s definitely worth the trek downtown on a weekend… if only to beat the usual crowds.

Mango Shiva
218 8 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 1B5
(403) 290-1644
Open Mon-Thu 11:30 AM-10 PM; Fri 11:30 AM-11 PM; Sat 11 AM-11 PM; Sun 11 AM-10 PM. Brunch served on Saturdays and Sundays only. Dinner service begins at 5 PM.
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2 thoughts on “Brunch @ Mango Shiva

  1. Oh! I ate here totally by accident on my trip to Calgary last month. And… I had butter chicken. I live in the heart of Vancouver’s Indian community so I’m a tough critic but it was really good (expensive though!). Butter chicken and waffles would be such a great twist on it.

    • I agree the butter chicken by itself is good, but I think I like fried chicken with waffles better. Mango Shiva is pretty expensive… actually Indian in Calgary is pretty expensive, but there are a few less expensive places around town!

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