Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

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Flourless Chocolate Cake @ Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Sometimes my perennial brunchmate Tiffany and I don’t go for brunch. We go for dinner. Tiffany wanted to go somewhere “low key” so we could catch up on my recent trip to London and Paris, and she suggested the Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar, which, while exuding a low-key vibe, was in fact buzzing with people.

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Gravity offers up a modest menu featuring soup, paninis, cheeseboards, olives, cake and pastries, highlighting local suppliers like Spolumbo’s Sausages, Pascal’s Patisserie, Phil & Sebastian, Papa Chocolat and Say Cheese. They are also big on the idea of building a community around their café, hosting weekly “theme” nights like live music, open mic nights and game nights (there is a little bookcase in the corner with books and games) as well as larger events and fundraisers.

Back to the food – I decided to get a half-sandwich and soup “combo” ($11) with Kale, White Bean and Ham soup and Chicken Sausage and Monterey Jack panini.

Kale, White Bean & Ham Soup with Chicken Sausage & Monterey Jack Panini @ Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

The soup was hearty and full of veggies, reminding me a bit of my own recipe but with no potato, and generous chunks of tender, not-too-salty ham instead of sausage. The panini was warm and gooey, with lots of flavour from the Spolumbo’s chicken sausage and the grilled vegetables.

Chicken Sausage & Monterey Jack Panini @ Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Tiffany was “nibbling” before we met up, so she just got dessert – a generous slice of Coconut Cake ($7).

Coconut Cake @ Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

The cake was sweet with a nice crumb and a thick layer of creamy coconut icing. I debated whether to get the Carrot Cake ($6) or the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($7), and after the waitress told me that the latter was “very decadent” I decided to go for it.

Flourless Chocolate Cake @ Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

This cake was *so* good. Dense and rich, almost like eating a cold, soft chocolate bar. I was so glad I ordered it and would totally go back just for this.

I really enjoyed the vibe at Gravity. Owner Andy Fennell worked the floor and would constantly check in to make sure everything was OK. Even though it was busy, it still felt very classy. I also like how it’s open late – perhaps there is finally a place to stop for late night desserts in Calgary? I hope they will keep expanding their menu so I have even more reasons to go back!

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar
909 10 St SE
Calgary AB T2G 0L9
(403) 457-0697
Open Mon 7 AM-4:30 PM; Tues-Thu 7 AM-10 PM; Fri 7 AM-Midnight; Sat 8 AM-Midnight; Sun 8 AM-10 PM.
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